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Written by Martin Reed,

In light of the ever changing world we live in and the new FCA guidance on vulnerable customers, we are kicking off our next stage of self-funded research on the subject.

We’re going to be conducting qualitative interviews with consumers based around the FCA vulnerability drivers (i.e. health, resilience, capability and life events/transient) and intend running some further quantitative to re-scale vulnerability in light of the current pandemic and scaling back of government interventions, such as the furlough scheme.

The coverage will be a build on our learnings from the last piece and dig into some of the key themes the FCA have built their guidance around, such as disclosure/identification, empowered frontline staff, communication needs and the importance of sympathy.

For those attending the MRS Financial Research Summit in November, you might see some of the content there, as we’re chairing a panel session on the subject of Vulnerability.

Watch this space…

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