It could happen to us all…

A woman with lightening bolts coming from her mouth, and a man with a cloud of squiggles above his head.
Written by Martin Reed,

In the second instalment of Gusto’s vulnerable customer research, we explore the topic further to understand the extent and impact of transient vulnerability on consumer behaviour and the drivers, impact and effect on outcomes.

  • ‘Vulnerable’ customers are increasingly a priority for the FCA and financial brands, and there is a high probability that customers will be encountering some type of vulnerability at any given time, through which they may need dedicated support for significant periods of time.
  • Despite this, customers themselves are yet to be convinced of the benefits to disclosing vulnerability to their financial providers.
  • In our report we consider opportunities such as increased proactive contact from providers and financial reviews which support customer needs throughout their life journey.

Download the PDF report.

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